RMD Code of Ethics

RMD is a specialized financial services company that focuses on SAFEX, Yield-X, Single Stock Futures and Portfolio management. As a member of JSE;
RMD ensures to comply with all applicable legislation, rules, procedures and guidelines, relevant to the JSE ltd, Financial Services Industry, state and local government.

·                      Core Values
RMD is committed to be a top class firm, embracing a tradition of service excellence, diligence, unquestionable integrity, and the highest ethical standards. We conduct our business legally, fairly and honestly. 

·                      Employees
We focus on attracting and retaining top quality staff who are dedicated to the company and its values. Employees have positive attitudes towards developing long-term relationships with our valued clients.  RMD creates an empowering environment for our competent employees by developing their skills and ability to be innovative, effective and efficient. As a team of concurring professionals, we at RMD strive to share our knowledge amongst each other, explore our views and contribute through our combined individual strengths.  RMD uses strict talent selection to minimize the risk associated with dishonesty and unethical behavior. We support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates. 

·                      Management
Management will strive to:  1.     Always act in the best interests of the company and its clients.  2.     Take accountability for our decisions.  3.     Always communicate objectively, truthfully and accurately.    4.     Compete fairly and not engage in unlawful market conduct. 5.     Aim to contribute to the economic well-being, social development and upliftment of the community.

·                      Customer Relations
Our clients form an important and integral part of our business. We endeavor to provide our clients with distinctive value, through honest and direct communication and the ethical use of knowledge. We act to meet the best interest of all our clients.  It is imperative to us that information provided to customers is clear, factual, correct, and delivered in a timeous fashion. When commitments are made to customers, it will be honored at all times. If commitments cannot be honored, feedback will be given to the customer within an agreed-upon timeframe.

·                      Confidentiality
We recognize the importance of protecting our client’s personal and financial information. Confidentiality is highly regarded and assured.
  We respect the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of business, and will only disclose of information when authorized to do so, or when a legal obligation with regards to a certain situation exists.

·                      Implementation
All current employees have received a transcript of the ethical code and conduct, while every new employee receives one during the orientation process. Ethical performance is monitored regularly in order to ensure that irregular or unethical business practices are eliminated. RMD, as a financial institution, prides itself on creating an environment where all employees and clients can feel free to raise any queries or report any discrepancies. All incidents are formally investigated and corrective actions will be taken with a “zero-tolerance” policy.