Swordfish, our online Trading Platform

Contact:  Dirk J Fourie at 012 665 5010 or 083 325 1356

Swordfish provides clients with an internet trading system that allows them to view live prices and trade on various exchanges.  The system is designed for clients who do not wish to use/only use the services of a broker to facilitate trades that would like to trade on-screen self trading.

1. List of all commodity instruments available.
2. Quantity bid (and quantity offered.)
3. Live bid/buying prices and offers on chosen instrument.
4. Live offered/selling prices.
5. Last price traded.
6. Change in price (from opening price.) price and CBOT overnight price.
7. Time of last trade executed, completed orders, deals, summary of positions and mark-to-market information.
8. Highest and lowest prices during session.
9. Volumes traded during session.
10. Easy submission of live trades
11. Confirmation of trades.
12. Depth block with the 9 best bids.
13. Deal notification.
14. Live option prices as with futures.
15. Live rand/dollar exchange, gold.
16. View screens for active orders.
17. Daily graph available on each instrument.

Swordfish - Features and Benefits Summary

RMD Financial Services is an experienced risk management company with experience in cash and derivatives markets, options markets and has an excellent track record in managing grain derivatives.  RMD has identified the need for alternative trading methodologies in the grain derivatives market and would like to introduce another service to producers and other interested parties in the market:

Herewith some of the benefits of the Swordfish system:
? Real time access to the commodity market with the ability to trade futures and options.
? Real time access to live corn, wheat, sunflower and soya prices.
? Real time access to live option prices.
? No waiting/holding for brokers in order to facilitate a trade, lessening the risk of the market moving   before you are  able to trade.
? Daily graphs, marking to market statistics, alerts, deals and positions information and other features to make the trading process as dynamic and user friendly as possible.
? Daily marking to market report of your positions.
? Access to the most extensive website providing you with accurate information on different aspects of the grain market.  Daily, weekly and monthly reports are published providing relevant market information, e.g. weather reports, technical analysis etc., allowing you to make informed decisions.
? Access to the necessary information and systems to assist in effective risk management/hedging activities.
? No need for large initial capital layouts in order to participate in the market.

These are only a few of the benefits of trading through the Swordfish system.

Swordfish Pricing

Pricing of this dynamic system is transaction based, please call us for further information.
Fees includes the following:

General Conditions
1. All prices include 14% VAT.
2. Prices are subject to change and must be confirmed prior to placing an order.



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